Rural generalist programs

Athlete on stretcher getting treatmentRural generalist medicine incorporates the skills typically associated with urban general practice clinics, but extends this skills base to include advanced skills and a broader scope of practice. This prepares doctors for work in the diverse settings and roles where these extended competencies, as well as exceptional capacity for clinical courage and self-reliance, are required. These include rural and remote general practice clinics and hospitals, Aboriginal Medical Services, retrieval medicine, refugee health services and more.

Rural Generalist Program Providers

Preparing for a career working as a rural GP requires a distinct training experience. This ensures you attain the distinct broad scope and advanced skills to enable you to practice in a variety of work settings, to meet the needs of rural and remote communities. The Fellowship of ACRRM defines this skill set.

There are a range of training pathways to Fellowship of ACRRM, or FACRRM:

Most states and jurisdictions have also established Rural Generalist training programs to provide supported and facilitated frameworks for this training. Arrangements for these programs vary considerably across jurisdictions, further details on these can be found at the websites below.

State providers: