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Last updated: 23 June 2011

CMO's statement and letter to GPs

"A week long national evaluation of cases of fever with convulsions in young children following a seasonal flu vaccination has so far found no pattern of increased incidence of this side effect, other than higher numbers in WA.

While much has been done to understand this, we require additional time to complete our investigations. Given the ongoing and incomplete scientific and clinical case review, the moratorium on the use of seasonal influenza vaccine in children 5 years and less will continue.

This advice to immunisation providers and parents was originally given a week ago following preliminary information received by WA Health authorities that children 5 years and younger were experiencing fever with convulsions in higher than expected numbers in WA following seasonal influenza vaccination. Action was taken immediately to temporarily suspend seasonal influenza vaccination in children 5 years and younger while, at the same time, encouraging continued flu shots for the rest of the population."

To read the entire letter or media statement, please click a link:

CMO's Letter to GPs
CMO's statement to the media

Additional information is on the Immunise Australia website.