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Last updated: 23 June 2011

Children under 5 years and the seasonal flu vaccine

Chief Medical Officer: updated 1 June 2010

"As a precaution, we recommend healthy children aged under 5 years should not be vaccinated with any of the 2010 TIVs until further notice. As an alternative, children may be vaccinated with the pandemic H1N1 vaccine (Panvax®), which is not affected by the suspension.

Children aged under 5 years with predisposing medical conditions are between 2 to 6 times more likely to be hospitalised following an influenza infection compared with healthy children. Where a child has medical risk factors, vaccination with Panvax® may be given. For broader protection, vaccination with one of the 2010 seasonal vaccines, with a preference for Influvac® or Vaxigrip® (where available), may be considered, based on a clinical evaluation of the risks and benefits for the individual child and agreement on the best clinical management with the parents."

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