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Last updated: 30 July 2015

John Flynn Placement Program - Student Travel Request Form (less than 14 night placement)

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PLEASE NOTE: Travel requests need to be submitted at least six weeks prior to your departure for placement. If your placement is in less than 6 weeks please contact your Project Officer on 1800 231 231 to discuss. All requests are subject to approval.

The JFPP pays for travel to and from your placement community via the most economical means of transport which includes plane, bus, train or ferry. If you choose to drive your car to & from your placement community, you are entitled to request travel allowance in lieu of other forms of transport. The allowance is calculated using the Travel Allowance Table on page 5 of the Guidelines. Any additional costs incurred eg accommodation, whilst driving are your responsibility and will not be covered by the program.

The booking form is confirmation of your travel requirements and will be regarded as approval to book and purchase your ticket for travel. This means that you’ll need to be certain of your travel requirements prior to booking. Once booked, any changes will incur additional charges at your own expense.

Any changes to your confirmed Itinerary will incur costs to yourself. Please ensure that the information detailed below is correct.

Please note:  This form is only to be used when you have received written permission from a member of the John Flynn Placement team confirming that you have been granted authority to proceed with a travel booking which does not meet the minimum time frame for 14 nights in your community. If you proceed and complete this form without written permission, you will be liable for any costs incurred if approval is not subsequently granted.   Please tick the box below to confirm you agree to the terms and conditions of using this form.