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Last updated: 5 April 2012

FACRRM Fundamentals April 2012

Registrars recently awarded Fellowship of ACRRM

Dr Giles Ellingworth Dr Alex Kippin Dr Thian Barnard Dr Kay Brumpton Dr Dip Chand Dr Oliver Dodd Dr Grant Fraser Dr Raymond Lewandowski Dr Toby Pearn Dr Johanna Mostofizadeh Dr Nigel Moore

Registrar training summary now available on RRMEO

 Registrars can now log onto their learning planner to check on the status of their training and assessment. Should you discover that your training or assessment records are not up to date or inaccurate, please send us an email and we will arrange to have your details updated.

RRMEO module: Introduction to Population Health

The module providing an introduction to Population Health has been revised and is available for completion. The Introduction to Population Health module is a requirement for completing an AST in Population Health, Remote Health and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and Mental Health.

Independent Pathway Intake for 2012

The ACRRM Independent Pathway applications closed on 28 November. There continues to be a strong interest with 65 applications received - a similar number to 2011. Applicants were advised of the outcome of their Recognition of Prior Learning Applications in February 2012. Interviews were held during March 2012 and the Vocational Training team are now busy processing the applications and will be sending out offers in mid-April.

Registrar Survey- have your say

Watch for the first annual registrar survey to be conducted shortly. All current and recently Fellowed registrars will be invited to participate in the online survey.

Updates or new resources on the website- look for the  or  sign


Handbook for Fellowship Assessment
MCQ sample questions
Completion of Training Policy


MSF and miniCEX changes
Standards for Supervisors and Teaching posts for Core Clinical Training and each of the Advanced Specialised Training discipline
Policy on RRMEO module completion

Completion of Training (COT) - Changes for 2012

Registrars commencing training from 2012, will need the following additional requirements for COT:

  • verification of at least six months experience in community and primary care 
  • verification that they have spent at least six months living and practising medicine in a rural or remote community (for further detail see Policy on Primary Rural and Remote Training
  • submission of at least six consultations assessed formatively using the miniCEX form (may be done by a supervisor, Medical Educator or colleague)

All registrars are required to make a self-declaration of “Good Standing” at the time of gaining Fellowship.

Please see the updated ‘Completion of Training’ policy on the website.


Primary Rural & Remote Training Assessments

An additional StAMPS examination has been scheduled for 28 and 29 July 2012. This will be a face-to-face exam conducted in Brisbane. Enrolments close on 18 May 2012.

The videoconference StAMPS examination will be held on 1 and 2 December 2012. Enrolments close on 17 August 2012.

The first Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) examination was held on 10 March 2012 with 42 candidates sitting the examination.

The second MCQ exam is scheduled for 8 September 2012. Enrolments closing on 6 July 2012.

Advanced Skills Training (AST) Assessments

The Emergency Medicine StAMPS examination is scheduled for 10 & 11 November 2012 as a face-to-face in Brisbane. Enrolments close 3 August 2012.

AST Projects can be enrolled in progressively during the AST. A Project Proposal Form for any project must accompany the Enrolment Form. Enrolments are accepted at any time subject to meeting the eligibility.

AST MiniCEX assessments are to be undertaken during the second half of the AST. Enrolments are accepted at any time subject to meeting the eligibility.

Eligibility criteria, enrolment information and forms for 2012 are available at:

Exam Preparation

Registrars are invited to enrol themselves on the MCQ and StAMPS RRMEO modules at no cost to assist in their exam preparation. These information sessions are to assist registrars and RTPs, who can listen to the recordings at their leisure. (Available in registrars RRMEO modules lists)

2012 Assessment Changes

2012 Multi Source Feedback (MSF) Changes:

Registrars commencing their MSF in 2012 will now enrol directly through Client Focused Evaluations Program (CFEP) to undertake the MSF assessment. The requirement for MSF has changed from requiring “satisfactory performance” to “satisfactory completion”.

This requires submission to ACRRM of: 

  •  a completed MSF report covering the two components; 
  •  a completed reflective exercise; and 
  •  evidence of discussion with a Medical Educator and remediation if required.

Registrars are eligible to enrol in the MSF after completing 12 months of training. The assessment is most suitable to be undertaken in a teaching post accredited for Primary Rural and Remote Training.

Please refer to the ACRRM Handbook for Fellowship for full details on the MSF assessment. The MSF enrolment form is available for download at CFEP can also be contacted on 07 3855 2093.

2012 MiniCEX Assessment Changes:

Registrars commencing training from 2012 onwards are ‘required’ to undertake formative miniCEX of at least six consultations. Previously formative miniCEX was strongly encouraged but not mandatory. Formative miniCEX should be undertaken prior to completing summative miniCEX, as this will provide familiarity with both the process and content of this assessment and assist in determining if ready for summative assessment. While formative miniCEX is not mandatory for current registrars it is strongly encouraged prior to attempting the summative miniCEX. All forms can be downloaded from the Assessment webpage Assessment | Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine

Who's who in the Vocational Training and Assessment Team

Lynn Saul: Vocational Training & Assessment Manager Lucienne Shelley: Team Administrator

Ammi Tanda: Vocational Training Coordinator Dr Emma Boulton: Medical Educator (IP) Dr Karin Jodlowski-Tan: (Medical Educator (IP) Trish Johnston: VPP/RVTS Training Officer Kate Newman: IP Training Coordinator Zoe Assaad: IP Training Officer

Dr Christina Carroll: Principal Examiner, MCQ Dr Susan Thomas: Principal Examiner, StAMPS, miniCEX and MSF Theresa Waye: Assessment Coordinator Clare Santangeli: Assessment Officer


VT farewelled the Team Administrator, Kym McCabe who has secured a position with ACRRM’s TeleHealth Section. Kate Newman transferred within the team from Assessment to Vocational Training.