Professional Development Program

We recognise the importance of continuing your development and we place a high priority on ensuring your Professional Development Program (PDP) is well managed.

You can continue your professional development through the following three categories:

Our comprehensive PDP demonstrates our commitment to ensuring rural and remote doctors are able to maintain and enhance their performance and competence throughout their careers and, in turn, deliver high-quality care to their patients.

As a participant in our PDP you will have access to a wide range of services throughout your journey with us, including:

  • view and update your PDP points through My PD portfolio
  • access to the relevant triennium’s PDP handbook
  • status reporting and recognition on your behalf
  • reporting to appropriate bodies for your MOPS
  • assistance to record and maintain your activities
  • statements on demand
  • access to our online resources
  • regular newsletters regarding important dates
  • advocacy on your behalf with education providers, and
  • personalised communication with the College team.

With our PDP your accredited College activities will generate points that we record on your behalf.

If your activity is not currently accredited, we can investigate your activity for a retrospective accreditation.

We recommend that you ask your education or training provider if the activity is College-accredited before you commence, as we cannot guarantee retrospective accreditation.