Advanced Emergency Medicine Skills

The Advanced Emergency Medicine Skills workshop is aimed at those who provide significant emergency medicine services or are pursuing AST-EM or GEM pathways.

Done REST, ALS, ELS, EMST and various other emergency medicine short courses but still face significant clinical challenges in your rural practice? Do you ever think that textbooks are mainly written by people who have never worked outside a tertiary hospital?

This full day workshop is led by experienced rural practitioners and Emergency Medicine specialists from the ACRRM ALS Training Team and will assist you with:

  • Recognising the difficult-to-manage patient;
  • Anticipate potential complications before they arise;
  • Recognise complications when they do occur;
  • Manage urgent clinical problems without immediate specialists assistance or advice;
  • Post Resus care
  • Prepare patients for transfer to another facility
Grant Eligibility
  • 1 Day Emergency Medicine Procedural Grant applies
  • 14 PRPD points
  • 14 EMed MOPS points

Express interest

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