Overview - PESCI

If you are an International Medical Graduate (IMG) applying for registration to practice in Australia via the Standard Pathway you must attain a satisfactory outcome in a PESCI.

The Pre-Employment Structured Clinical Interview (PESCI) is a fitness-for-task assessment and interview where the panel assesses your skills, knowledge and experience for the position for which you are seeking registration to practice safely and effectively in Australia.

Your PESCI result is only valid for the role indicated in the position description provided and the result of the PESCI is not transferrable to another position.

A separate PESCI is required for each position and results are reported to AHPRA.

ACRRM now offers PESCIs for Level 1

What is Level 1 supervision?

The supervisor takes direct and principal responsibility for each individual patient.

  1. The supervisor must be physically present at the workplace at all times when the IMG is providing clinical care
  2. The IMG must consult their supervisor about the management of all patients at the time of the consultation and before the patient leaves the practice
  3. Supervision via telephone contact or other telecommunications is not permitted.

Further details of the guidelines for all supervision levels are available on the Medical Board’s website.

PESCI online application process

An IMG must complete their application online through the ACRRM website. Provided all documents are submitted and the requirements are complete, applicants can sit for their PESCI in 4 to 6 weeks - start the application process.

In addition, short notice vacancies (within the coming 4 weeks) are advertised via social media. Like us on Facebook for announcements.

Please be aware that dates for interviews will only be discussed after the application has been deemed complete.

PESCI Preparation Module

The College offers a free online module to help IMGs prepare for and understand how ACRRM conducts PESCIs. This module is available once you have submitted your application.

This module has been designed to answer commonly asked questions about the interview structure and the assessment criteria.

This module will provide an overview and understanding of:

  • What to expect during the interview
  • Format and criteria of the interview
  • The role of ACRRM and our PESCI panel members
  • The assessment criteria used during the interview
  • Steps an IMG can take to prepare for the interview.

Want more information about the module or requirements and pathway options for IMGs? Please contact to find out ways in which ACRRM can assist.