Registrar Committee Terms of Reference


The purpose of the Registrar Committee is to represent and support the broad interests of all the registrar members of the College in its internal decision-making and activities as well as in their external undertakings related to training, education and standards.

Scope and responsibilities

  • To provide an avenue for representatives of the registrar population of the College to engage in direct communication and provide feedback, suggestions and advice to the College
  • To provide direction and guidance regarding the impact of College policies on registrars through participation on College standards committees and providing input to consultation processes
  • To provide direction and guidance regarding information and communication strategies directed at the Registrar population
  • To contribute to the development of policies and procedures governing training and assessment issues which affect registrars
  • To provide support and assistance to the registrar population for the advancement of issues related to training and assessment
  • To identify and support appropriate registrar nominees to participate on relevant College Committees as well as external agencies (e.g. GP Registrars Association Advisory Committee and AMA Doctors in Training Advisory Committee);
  • To monitor and respond appropriately to information arising from the Colleges’ evaluation program on issues of relevance to the Committee, and
  • To report to the Education Council.

Reports to

This Committee reports to the Education Council via the Chair of the Registrars Committee.

The Registrar Director may also raise issues on behalf of this Committee directly with the Board.

The Registrar Director and the College Council Registrar Representative may also raise issues on behalf of this Committee directly with the College Council.

Delegated authorities

The Registrar Committee has no specific delegated authorities or independent decision-making powers.

The ACRRM Board retains the responsibility for setting all policy and standards related matters for the College.


The Committee members will consist of:

  • A Chair, who shall be elected annually from amongst the members of the committee
  • Registrar Director on the College Board
  • College Council Registrar Representative
  • Between 8 and 10 registrar members; including at least one registrar from the   Vocational Preparation Pathway, Remote Vocational Training Scheme and Independent Pathway, giving consideration to balance gender, geography and age.

The period of appointment to the committee for all members shall be three years, or until two years post fellowship (whichever comes sooner). The chair role will be annually elected, with no limitation on consecutive terms.

Members who do not attend two meetings in a row without approved leave of absence will be written to by the Chair concerning their ongoing involvement with the Committee. Should they fail to attend the following meeting (third) they will relinquish their position.

The Committee may invite College staff, and/or outside relevant expertise including individuals in their capacity as community or health consumer representatives to attend meetings to provide advice or to observe meetings; or co-opt them to the Committee as required.

Member selection

The Registrar Director and the Registrar College Council representative shall be elected by a national vote of registrar members. Their position will be approved by the board (Registrar Director) and College Council (Registrar College Council representative).

All other Committee members will be appointed in accordance with the Registrar Committee member selection process.


Timing and frequency

The Registrar Committee will meet at least six times per year.

Decision making

Questions or motions arising at any meeting of the Committee shall be by simple majority.

Agenda deadline

A minimum of seven days' notice specifying the place, the day and hour of each meeting shall be given to all members of the Committee accompanied by an agenda of business and relevant papers proposed to be discussed at the meeting.

Meeting attendance

Meetings will be face to face or by teleconference, webinar, email or other appropriate electronic means. Any members of the Committee who elect to participate in such a meeting through electronic means shall be deemed to be personally present at the meeting.


A dedicated secretariat officer who is a member of ACRRM staff shall coordinate the meetings including venue, catering and minute taking and minute distribution and all record keeping. Appointment of dedicated staff shall be by the CEO.

Minutes and actions

The Committee shall cause minutes to be made:

  • Of the names of the members attending the meetings of the Committee
  • Of any conflict of interest noted by the members of the Committee, and
  • For all proceedings at all meetings of the Committee


A quorum of 50% of the committee members will be required to conduct meetings.

Revision of Terms of Reference

The Committee’s Terms of Reference will be revised every two years. The ACRRM secretariat officer shall be responsible for initiating and managing this process.