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Date: 12/02/2018
simGP is an innovative digital simulation program designed specifically for GPs. It presents a real-world patient scenario, with a non-specific presentation, similar to real-world GP clinical practice. The workshop provides an opportunity to use a
1 PDP Core point
Date: 08/04/2017 Location: NT
Health care delivery in Australia is undergoing systems changes at all levels – national, regional NT and local clinic levels. This is necessary change that will require a rethinking of how we deliver primary health care and exploration by clinicians,
30 PRPD points
Date: 22/04/2017 Location: QLD
The National Cervical Screening Program in Australia will undergo a major renewal in December 2017. The majority of cervical screening is conducted in primary care. It is essential that primary care providers have a strong understanding of these changes. This
7 PDP Core points
Procedural Grant
Date: 26/02/2018 Location: NSW
The Menopause Essentials Update provides current information on topics relevant to all health professionals involved in the care of women at midlife. It is targeted at GPs, specialists and allied health workers who are seeking a comprehensive update in the
3 PDP Core points
Date: 01/01/2019 Location: QLD
The Pap Smear Clinical Audit offers participants a retrospective assessment of their smear collection including detection of sexually transmitted infections and other conditions affecting the gynaecological region. Participants will receive statistically
30 PRPD points
Date: 26/03/2017 Location: NSW
This course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and confidence to review imaging commonly seen in obstetrics and gynaecology. This course haspre-course online lectures to complete followed by a half day hands-on workshop with live models.
30 PRPD points
30 MOPS points (Obstetrics and Gynaecology / Women's Health)
30 MOPS points (Radiology)
Date: 02/10/2017 Location: ACT
This event is designed to provide GPs with skills and knowledge around the provision of IUDs in their practice setting. It is suitable for GPs who wish to learn IUD insertion procedure, and for GPs who wish to increase their knowledge and counselling skills
30 PRPD points
30 MOPS points (Obstetrics and Gynaecology / Women's Health)
Date: 03/08/2017 Location: VIC
This activity is designed to update GPs on current treatment/management strategies and changes of common women's health issues. The session will aim to enhance and further educate GPs within the area of women's sexual andamp; reproductive health . Activity
30 PRPD points
30 MOPS points (Obstetrics and Gynaecology / Women's Health)
Procedural Grant
Date: 01/01/2017
This handbook will explore the issues surrounding the patient complaint process. It contains four chapters, direct patient complaints, complaints from a complaints entity or regulatory body, privacy complaints and support through the complaints process.
1 PDP Core point
Date: 06/02/2017
GP365 has been designed to educate future general practitioners to the highest standards according to up to date medical education and research. As per the GPEx training requirements, Supervisors of GP365 registrars are expected to conduct face to face
30 PDP Core points