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Certificate In Primary Care Dermatology - Module 12 - Fungal Infections
9 PDP Core
FACRRM Recommended
Provide medical care in the ambulatory and community setting/Dermatology (DERM)

Certificate In Primary Care Dermatology - Module 12 - Fungal Infections

This self-paced on-line module is one of 25 modules comprising the Certificate in Primary Care Dermatology.

The module consists of 8 topics:

Candidiasis; Tinea Versicolor and Pityrosporum Folliculitis; Onychomycosis; Angular Cheilitis; Tinea Pedis and Tinea Cruris; Tinea Corporis and Tinea Manum; Tinea Faciei and Tinea Barb; Tinea Capitus

Each topic provides a brief clinical overview of the condition and a series of clinical scenario based learning activities. Participants are expected to have completed specific reading prior to commencing each topic.

Topic 1 - Candidiasis

Topic 2 - Tinea Versicolor and Pityrosporum Folliculitis

Topic 3 - Onychomycosis

Topic 4 - Angular Cheilitis

Topic 5 - Tinea Pedis and Tinea Cruris

Topic 6 - Tinea Corporis and Tinea Manum

Topic 7 - Tinea Faciei and Tinea Barb

Topic 8 - Tinea Capitus

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