Event Information
Primary Curriculum StAMPS 14 and 15 Oct 2017 (Brisbane)
14/10/2017 to 15/10/2017

Primary Curriculum StAMPS 14 and 15 Oct 2017 (Brisbane)

Applicants must be enrolled in one of the following pathways to enrol in any ACRRM assessment:

a) ACRRM Independent Pathway (IP)
b) Vocational Preparation Pathway(VPP)
c) Remote Vocational Training Scheme(RVTS)

ACRRM registrars enrolled in any of these pathways must have completed:

ยท         two years of ACRRM training or have been awarded two years for recognition of prior learning, prior to enrolling for StAMPS (i.e. in year three or four of training).

d) IMG Specialist Pathway

Prior to enrolling, doctors enrolled in this pathway must have completed a portion of their peer review period as specified in their requirements.

e) All applicants must have current medical registration and be current financial members of ACRRM.

f) Applicants are encouraged to discuss with their medical educator readiness for assessment prior to enrolling.

g) While the order of assessment is not prescribed, it is recommended that StAMPS is to be undertaken after completing other assessments.

The StAMPS Examination

1)    Limited places are available for the StAMPS. In the event that an examination session is over subscribed, places will be awarded to those registrars who have successfully completed other assessments, and who have also completed the most training time. StAMPS enrolments cannot be confirmed until after the enrolment closing date.

2)    You will receive an invoice once your place in these programs is confirmed. This will be after enrolment closing in the semester you enrol for.

3)    ACRRM will work with you to ensure that this assessment can be undertaken as close as possible to your preferred location, but reserves the right to require you to travel to a suitable venue if required. Such travel will be at your expense.

4)    While ACRRM will take your preference for delivery format or location into consideration we are not able to guarantee that you will receive your preference. Delivery format will be confirmed after enrolment closing for the semester you are enrolled in. Please refer to the Handbook for Fellowship Assessment for venue requirements for the exam.

5)    If you are offered the face to face format, such travel to the venue will be at your expense. In the event that insufficient enrolments are received to deliver the StAMPS (in either face to face or videoconferencing format) over the two days, the examination will be delivered on the first of the two nominated dates.

6)    Once your place in the StAMPS exam has been confirmed, information regarding the examination will be emailed to you.

Fees may be subject to review and ACRRM reserves the right to adjust fees each semester.

Provider Information
Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM)
Assessment Team
61 07 31058200
61 07 31058299
Level 2, 410 Queen Street
QLD, 4000