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Multi Choice Question Exam (MCQ) - 2 Sep 2017
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Multi Choice Question Exam (MCQ) - 2 Sep 2017

Applicants must be enrolled in one of the following pathways to enrol in any ACRRM assessment:

a) ACRRM Independent Pathway (IP)
b) Vocational Preparation Pathway(VPP)
c) Remote Vocational Training Scheme(RVTS)

ACRRM registrars enrolled in any of these pathways must have completed:

·         one year of ACRRM training or have received one year of recognition of prior learning, prior to enrolling for the MCQ (i.e. in year two, three or four of training)

d) IMG Specialist Pathway

Prior to enrolling, doctors enrolled in this pathway must have completed a portion of their peer review period as specified in their requirements.

e) All applicants must have current medical registration and be current financial members of ACRRM.

f) Applicants are encouraged to discuss with their medical educator readiness for assessment prior to enrolling.

g) While the order of assessment is not prescribed, the recommended order is MSF, MCQ, CBD and then StAMPS.

Information regarding the MCQ examination will be emailed to you shortly after your enrolment is received. The exam is offered at central examination centres and remotely. Very limited places available at all central examination venues, preference will be prioritised in order of receipt of arrangement form from candidates (this form will be sent to candidates after enrolment). Alternatively, you will need to organise your own venue with adequate IT facilities and to nominate an invigilator for the duration. Such travel will be at your expense.

If you are considering the latter option, we encourage you to contemplate a venue equipped with adequate IT facilities and suitable invigilator well in advance, as this will ensure that you have plenty of time to organise these requirements. All venues and invigilators are to be approved by ACRRM. Guidance on suitable venues and invigilators are available in the Handbook for Fellowship Assessment

Fees may be subject to review and ACRRM reserves the right to adjust fees each semester.



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Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM)
Assessment Team
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