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StAMPS Mock Exam 15 September (Brisbane)

StAMPS Mock Exam 15 September (Brisbane)

ACRRM offers mock exams to allow candidates to practice StAMPS exam questions under exam conditions. The StAMPS mock exam is delivered by ACRRM StAMPS examiners. Candidates are provided with feedback both face to face on the day, and following on from the exam in writing. The mock exam is suitable for candidates preparing for all StAMPS assessments.

Limited places are available for the StAMPS mock exam . For all StAMPS exams, mock exams and study groups, you will receive an invoice after the enrolment closing date and as soon as your eligibility and place has been confirmed. This invoice is payable within 7 days of receipt and you place cannot be guaranteed until this payment is received by the College.

ACRRM will work with you to ensure that this assessment can be undertaken as closely as possible to your preferred location, but reserves the right to require you to travel to a suitable venue if necessary. Such travel will be at your expense.

It is highly recommended that you enrol in a mock exam in the semester prior to your StAMPS exam to give yourself plenty of time to develop the skill areas as recommended in the feedback that you receive.

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