John Flynn Placement Program

Experience one on one mentoringMentor and student

Learn how to be a rural doctor - from a rural doctor. Students work closely with a rural doctor mentor in a wide variety of health settings and situations. This type and level of mentoring for students is unique and supplements the experience of a university clinical rotation in a hospital or general practice.

Experience life in a rural community

A key component of the program is for students to get involved with the local community. Meeting the 'locals', away from the general practice environment, helps develop friendships and a strong bond with your placement community. We try to link students to a local person, your Community Contact, or organisation to assist with social and cultural experiences. We also try to set students up with a Host, who will offer suitable local accommodation.

At the dinner tableThe combination of a clinical and social experience that students, mentors and communities encounter on the program make the JFPP a success, and results in many students opting to return to the community post-program to work.