JFPP – Become a community contact / host

Please fill in this form if you wish to become a JFPP community contact or host.

As a community contact you can:

  • influence the career path of an aspiring doctor
  • showcase your community & surrounding areas
  • receive a $175 honorarium per placement week

As a host you can:

  • offer a warm welcome into your home
  • influence the career path of an aspiring doctor
  • receive a $100 honorarium per placement week from the program along with $100 a week payment from the student (if breakfast & dinner is provided)

Community Contacts and Hosts new to the program must also complete and send back a Statement by Supplier form.

This will allow the College to pay you the stipend attached to these roles as soon as the placement concludes and without the use of an ABN.

Community contact / host status

Please select all relevant options.

Your details

If same as street address, enter 'As above'.
Do you wish to become the community contact and/or host for your entire town?

Becoming a Community Contact for an entire town means that you are willing to accept students from any medical practice or hospital in your town.

Bank account details

Community contacts and hosts are paid an honorarium – this is an automated payment and will be paid post-placement.


Please provide the ABN relevant to the account details you entered above. If you do not have an ABN, we will require you to complete a Statement by Supplier form, for our records only. We will forward this form to you at a later date.

If you have an ABN, please enter it here
If there is anything further you would like the JFPP Team to know, please include it here.