Fees - Specialist pathway

The fee structure has been designed to be simple and clearly linked to the individual components of the Specialist pathway process.

IMGs on ACRRM's Specialist Pathway are assessed on their individual merits, experience, and qualifications. They pass through key checkpoints in the initial assessment period to evaluate their eligibility to be assessed as either partially, substantially, or not comparable. If they are deemed to be partially or substantially comparable their pathway consists of milestones throughout the assessment period. Fees applicable to the pathway are outlined below or can be downloaded.

Item Amount Payment due
Pathway Fees
Application Review Fee $705* Upon application
Paper Based Assessment Fee $595 Upon request
Structured Interview Fee
Video conferencing Fee (ACRRM's Fee only) (candidate must source and pay for services at their location)

Upon request
ACRRM Membership Fee (IMG Category) $410 Upon acceptance
Learning Plan Fee $1195 Upon request
IMG Support Fee ($2608 per annum) $652 Quarterly from commencement of pathway
Assessment Fees
Formative Multi Source Feedback $255 As required
Summative Multi Source Feedback $625 As required
Mini Clinical Evaluation Examination (miniCEX) $2407.50 As required
Structured Assessment using Multiple Patient Scenarios (StAMPS) Refer to assessment price list As required
 Case Based Discussions (CBD) - Summative
Refer to assessment price list  As required
 Case Based Discussions (CBD) - Formative
$580  As required
Additional Fees (if applicable)
Review Meeting $595 Upon request

All fees are GST-Free unless otherwise indicated

* Inclusive of GST

Prices are subject to change. Fees listed are effective 1 July 2017