Award winner 2014 - Stephen Morris

Stephen Morris has been practicing medicine in the rural town of Parkes in central west NSW since 1985 and has provided general surgical services and obstetric surgical services ever since.  

When Stephen arrived in town, six doctors were delivering babies. In the last seven years there is now only three and Stephen is the only obstetric surgeon providing the caesarean service. No lady is permitted to progress in labour unless Stephen is available and this rarely occurs as he is rarely out of town.  

If Stephen was not so readily available and obliging, the Parkes Maternity unit may cease to exist. Stephen has expanded his surgical skills to include a lot of the management of skin cancers allowing many patients to be managed locally instead of the long wait and assessment times at the Base Hospital.  

Stephen has also been involved with the teaching of medical students from Universities and also the teaching of the Registrars on their rotations. He has been involved in regular meetings with the local shire council to help develop strategies to attract medical and other health practitioners.

He also assists with the obstetric services for the town of Forbes 40km away from Parkes.

Stephen has been available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the past 30 years. This has been most significantly felt in the obstetric service area. There would be many people in the Parkes community indebted to the timely application of Stephen’s gentle, tidy and very safe surgical skills and techniques.