Award winner 2013 - John Menzies

Dr Menzies began to practise in Camperdown in 1978 after working as a junior doctor in the Navy, then training in procedural obstetrics at the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne.

John Menzies is an exemplar of the rural generalist, providing a wide range of community and hospital services including obstetrics, anaesthetics and emergency care.

John has played a key role in ensuring that the people of Camperdown and surrounding towns have continued to have local access to obstetric and other procedural services, despite the frequent closure of small hospital obstetric services across rural Victoria over the past three decades.

It is this commitment to the health and safety of his community, to providing quality medical services that people in cities take for granted, which qualifies him for the national honour of the Peter Graham ‘Cohuna’ Award.

Dr Menzies has also been a dedicated teacher and mentor of junior doctors and medical students, and has been involved in all the major initiatives in rural medical education over the past two to three decades.